Our Government

We, the people

Greetings fellow Americans! 


We have the ability, capability, and technology to make some significant changes to our nation. In order for we, the people, to do our part, we must first make some acknowledgements and those are the following:


We, the people, are what create this nation. We are the fourth branch of government. Allow me to explain.


We are the ones who support our nation, our businesses, and each other in various ways. We speak to our fellow government officials by ways like protesting, written statements, and polling. We elect fellow citizens to represent us in every level of government. We vote on legislation together. We attend city council meetings, participate in discussions, and ask questions.


We help each other when needed. We donate to charity, share clothes, buy each other food, help with someone's bills, provide a hot shower, a place to sleep, peer counsel each other, teach and learn from each other, and so much more.


Sounds like a fourth branch to me.


After observing and experiencing a variety of examples, I dare say that we, the people, are united.


I see it, can you see it? 


Now that we have acknowledged and accepted these actions, we can participate more.


Let's begin with our communities. They are a national matter and as such, it is time for the citizens branch of the United States of America, to take some actions.


I propose a National Recovery Plan. Please check out my YouTube channel for more information.


Thank you for your time and may our path lead to peace and prosperity.