Border Security

The Border Security and Immigration Reform Act addresses reducing multiple types of trafficking and other criminals that cross our borders as well as technological improvements and increased personnel. 

It provides harsher penalties for illegal entry to the United States and technology to help us secure the border. Check this out.

This reform also describes conditions for reducing immigration flow through our borders and closing the border as needed. 

To the best of my knowledge, no border security bill that has been proposed addresses the security needs of our nation adequately. By sending troops to assist Border Patrol, we are helping to catch criminals and secure our border by reducing the amount of drugs, weapons, and more that are smuggled into our country. 

See this bill:

Congress H.B 2640 :

To learn more about the Border Security and Immigration Section of the National Recovery Act, please check out my YouTube channel list "Immigration Reform" or select from the Immigration menu above.

Thank you for your time and may our path lead to peace and prosperity.