About Me


A Short Introduction

I was born and raised in Seattle Washington. I lived officially in Wyoming for around 16 years with some travel in there. I've worked in customer service for 25+ years in various roles ranging from general customer service to child care, processing of various kinds, and dealing directly with the public. I have some college credits however, I am also self-educated

I have given this a lot of thought and to be perfectly honest, out of all of the things I could do, becoming your president and leading us into a better future, just seems like the best most exciting job that I could possibly be in a position for.  

I believe in our constitution and what it stands for. There have been too many violations of our rights, by our own government. So, it is time for change.

I am:


Pro-gun law reform

Pro-immigration reform

Pro-police reform

Pro-prison reform

Pro-education reform

Pro-healthcare reform

Pro-climate cleanup, greenspace, and renewable energy


Pro-legalization of cannabis

Pro-national recovery


Pro-unity, peace, and prosperity


This is what it will take for our nation to succeed. Are you with me?