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A message from Suzzanna Tanner.

     For those who do not know, I am a candidate for president of the United States.  

I love our nation and the freedom it offers; however, I see our nation diminishing because of the issues of politicians. I see our children suffering the most. Like so many of our citizens, I have endured hardships, but I would like to show you that I have learned what it will take to bring stability, peace, and prosperity to our nation. I believe that together, we can make our democracy succeed.

This is important to me because I see so many who go through the hardships I have experienced. For things to get better, we must be willing to make those changes that help us all. This means our citizens will be financially stable, have national health care, education, and safety. It also means sustainable energy, climate clean up, and overall economic stability.

I believe I know how to make it happen. My YouTube channel stannerforpres2024, and website, contains more details on these plans and are updated regularly.

We all have a part in the function of our great nation. For every dollar you donate, $0.75 will go to charities, and $0.25 goes to the Committee of Suzzanna Tanner for President. There are so many in need and this will be one of the best ways to help them. The more that is raised, the higher the donations. The public can pick charities to donate to each month on my YouTube channel @stannerforpres2024

   By donating to this campaign, you support progress, clean environment and energy, national healthcare, education, and recovery.

In my view, I work for the people and the best way to continue this work is as your president. Vote for me, and I will show you what we can do. 

Thank you for your time and may our path lead to peace and prosperity.

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