We all come from immigrants.

There are many reasons why immigrants come to the United States regardless of whether it's through our current legal path or crossing our borders illegally. There are many options to securing our border without completely closing it, though closing it may be necessary for short periods of time. Please watch this Fireside Chat for information on current legislation regarding border security.

An Effective and Simple Solution

Previous administrations have not come up with an effective immigration path so I'm going to offer one: A fast track to citizenship. There will be certain restrictions and most of them are already in place through our current immigration system, such as criminal activity of various sorts. There are several things to understand about this fast track to citizenship: 


Regarding border crossings, this fast track to is meant to encourage all immigrants who decide to come to the United States to do so legally. They will be eligible for this fast track program. This immigration reform also brings more people to our borders to assist Border Patrol. 

This may make it more difficult for an immigrant to obtain citizenship and employment in the United States. A criminal record is not exactly the best way to start out a new life, is it? This is why we must encourage immigrants to utilize legal entry points to the United States.

To learn more, check out my YouTube channel playlist on Immigration Reform.