Citizenship Path Revision

We are going to make the immigration process simple and effective for immigrants, immigration services, law enforcement, and Americans.

Currently immigrants and asylum seekers have to fill out a load of paperwork and then they have to wait, sometimes for years, for judges to hear them and their case. This creates strain on judges because we just don't have enough of them to work through all the cases in a reasonable amount of time.

Some things are already in place like limiting the amount of visas issued and immigrant reporting requirements.

So, here are some proposals to simplify the path to citizenship: 

Immigrants can be issued:


Documented immigrant's cases should be eligible for review by telephone, email, letter, or in person, as long as contact information is current and migrants have maintained contact with their case manager.

Please watch my YouTube channel list "Immigration Reform" for more information.

Thank you for your time and may our path lead to peace and prosperity.